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Dr. Andy
Dr. Andy, Medical Director
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How much benadryl liquid can I give my 14 pound Maltese for

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How much benadryl liquid can I give my 14 pound Maltese for itching
I prefer benadryl anyway.

Benadryl can be given at a dose of 1mg per pound of body weight. Keep in mind, Benadryl tablets and liquids come in different sizes. So, an approximately 25 pound dog can get a full 25mg tablet or a half of a 50mg tablet. I usually avoid the liquid Benadryl in larger dogs (you would have to give too much of it). You can give Benadryl every 8-12 hours.

With liquid, if about 2.5mg per ml, then you could give about 5-6mls of liquid. That's a touch more than 1 teaspoon. You may be better off giving a 1/2 tablet instead.

If unsuccessful, you may need to get into a vet to determine if there is a allergy or other cause that requires better therapy. Only about 30% of dogs do any better with itching on antihistamines.

Good Luck
Dr. Andy


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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
The benadryl bottle says 8ounces or 237ml so how much then of the liquid
It should say how many mg per ml on the bottle.

8 ounces is only total volume of bottle.

If children's benadryl.

Then the dose of a little more than 1 teaspoon is correct.

Dr. Andy

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