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My dog is breathing hard and fast.

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My dog is breathing hard, heavy and fast. She excessively thirsty and can swallow fine. She staggers when tries to walk or just collapses or just no ability to move limbs. My husband said she'd been outside just before he realized she ill. Also, She has been nursing but dogs 5 weeks now and I have moved her to my bedroom. I can't afford vet but I am a nurse but clueless and just so worried. Any ideals or suggestions. I did get her to eat a egg white for told good somehow who knows but she got ice water and mainly what she wanting.

Also she finally attempting to lay on her side and notice twitching and she looks awful!

Is it nervous system or what?  My husband says she doing lil better than when he first saw her but I don't know....

Hello, I am Dr. Peter a licensed Veterinarian. I would like to help. I need to ask you a few questions to be well informed and give you the best advise. There is no additional charge for information request.

1- How long have these symptoms been going on?

Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Was noticed around 530 pm to 6pm tonight

The symptoms your dog is exhibiting are consistent with hypocalcemia (eclampsia) or low levels of calcium secondary to nursing. This is a common condition in female dogs 1-6 weeks after having puppies. This is very serious and can be fatal if untreated. I would strongly recommend you have her checked tonight by ER veterinarian, they will check her calcium levels and address it with IV medication while monitoring her heart. Normally, giving calcium orally at this stage does not work. Best option is treating via IV. Finally, the puppies need to be weaned off her immediately, they should not be allowed to nurse. If they are not eating puppy food yet, you need to buy replacement formula and begin to wean them into puppy food. For now, the main concern is Sophea, get her to ER vet as soon as possible.

If you have additional questions I will be glad to answer them.

Dr. Peter

Dr. Peter and other Dog Veterinary Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

I wish I could go to the ER vet but can't afford the IV abx for been there a time or two with a past dog. Is there anything I can do for her. The puppies are good and eating dry food. She wants to run when she hears a squeal. I appreciate the help but afraid that I may lose her just because I can't afford to take her to ER.

How much does she weigh?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

i not sure of weight maybe 15 or 10. Seems like 25 for she hasn't nursed

What you need to do is go to the nearest pharmacy and pickup any of the following oral calcium:

1- Calcium Gluconate.

2- Calcium Lactate

3- Calcium Carbonate.

Give her between 100-200mg every 8 hours orally. Try to give her the higher end of the dose. Stop the puppies from nursing and let her dry up. Tomorrow, try to have her checked by ASPCA or local shelter they offer veterinary services at a lower cost.

Note: you can dissolve these pills in water and give with a plastic dropper. Consider picking up a dropper as well in the pharmacy.