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We just intercepted an order of 200 pills of 50mg tramadol

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We just intercepted an order of 200 pills of 50mg tramadol that was delivered by pet meds to our daughter that is addicted to various drugs. The pill bottles had her name and her dogs name that died 9 months ago on them. Also, the name of the vet that put the dog down, plus showing 2 more refills. We feel she is now addicted to tramadol, has seizures and goes to the ER weekly.
How could a vet and pet meds send this to a human owner of a dog that died so long ago. Isn't this illegal
Hi there,

Was the veterinarian notified that the dog had died? Generally drugs can be rifilled for 1 year since the last time the dog was seen. If the veterinarian had been notified the dog was dead, then this indeed was negligent.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
This vet was apparently the one that put the dog down in September 2010. She has since received over 3 orders from pet meds with this same vets name. The last one, that we intercepted, shows 2 refills remaining. Our daughter is saying that it was a mistake and it was supposed to have been thyroid medication for 2 cats. We sent it back to Pet meds. Do we call the vet? We think our daughter probably is seeing 2 vets, one that put the dog down and the other that doesn't know. Is this illegal?
It is illegal to prescribe medication for a pet if it hasn't been seen with in one year. I would call the vets involved.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Well, the vet would have seen this dog within one year when she was dying. These tramadol pills started in June, and the dog died in September. Doesn't the vet have to OK these prescriptions with an on line pet pharmacy after a dog dies?
It most likely got over looked in the office. It should have been cancelled when the dog died so someone goofed it would seem. These requests come in by fax from Pet AMAeds and the doctor is given a whole lot of them to sign. Omeone did not check closely enough.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.


I'm sorry I didn't accept yet, but I already knew most of what you answered because I have ordered through pet pharmacies and I know they go through the Vet. But, also, everytime I call in an order it has to go through the vet for approval. This is a small, mobile vet who does not have that many faxes coming in. She went to the house to euthanize the dog 7 months ago. (or so we were told...maybe the dog is buried in the back yard and the Vet doesn't know).


I will go ahead and accept, because I really do appreciate your advice, but could you kindly give me direction on how to proceed with this? Our daughter will go to great lengths to find clever ways to get drugs, and we know this is how she is getting them.

She was a nurse for 14 years before she got fired for stealing drugs. I do not want to get the Vet in trouble, but I know we should call her. What I do want to know as a final answer is WHY do they make it so easy for drug addicts to get tramadol through online pet pharmacies in such large quantities? 200 pills at 50mg each for a dead dog??? It is horribly addictive to humans and apparently now is a drug of choice because it does not show up in blood or urine tests. She is now having seizures, going to the ER weekly, and has had her driver's license taken away. Tramadol causes this. Do you have any suggestions to an agency I can call to get this drug regulated so this doesn't happen to someone else?


Thank you.

Wow, I am so sorry. We as vets did not know of the addictive qualities and like it for dogs and cats because the side effects are minimal and we do not need to go through DEA to order it etc. I will look up the number for the federal agency that regulates the controlled drugs. I imagine with stories like yours that they would soon regulate it.
You can go online at The FDA and The DEA are teaming up to work on the online illegal drug distribution I read. Also google FDA DEA and you will come up with a lot of info.
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