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Blood and Mucus in puppy stool. Adopted a healthy five month

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Blood and Mucus in puppy stool.

Adopted a healthy five month old Beagle puppy from the Humane Society on 2/26.
The puppy has received the first round of shots just over two weeks ago.
Had first vet visit on 3/2, check up was great with no apparent issues.
Is currently eating Science Diet puppy formula small bits, this is what she has had for at least the last four weeks. Eats three times a day, about ¾ of a cup each time finishing everything given. She does seem hungry off and on in between meals.
Very active and playful with energy to burn, is not lethargic. Wants to be outside often. She has been biting and eating everything she comes in contact with; mud, dirt, grass, leaves, twigs, bark, etc.
The vet we are currently using gave us a heartworm pill and instructed us to give it to her this past Saturday, 3/5 which was done.
We noticed the afternoon of 3/5 that when she evacuated, there was bright red blood in her stool. She was straining to relieve herself. We kept a close eye on her all weekend, keeping her from eating anything outside. Every time she evacuated (4 times) on 3/6, there was blood and mucus apparent. Concerned!
First thing Monday 3/7, we called our vet. She did not seem at all concerned, telling us that it could be one of a few things.
-Stress diarrhea from new surroundings, I do not see this possibility. We have not had any issues with her since we brought her home.
-The food which we are feeding her is upsetting her; again it is the same food she had been eating for a month.
-That she has gotten into something in the yard that is affecting her b/m’s.
The vet had us drop off a stool recent stool sample, which she tested with the results showing negative. She did not want to see the puppy at this time. The vet told us to stop feeding her for the next three meals and give her Pepto Bismol as prescribed for a child under 12. She also told us to keep her from getting into anything outside. After completing this routine, resume meal feeding and look for issues when she evacuated.
I questioned the vet as to whether the heart worm medication could have caused the issue since this all started after we gave the medication to her and was not present prior to the puppy receiving the medication. The vet said that that was not an issue.
We are still seeing diarrhea with blood and mucus when she evacuates. The puppy still has tons of energy and an appetite, but we are still concerned and are questioning the position of our vet at this time.
Is this a situation that should deem serious concern at this point? What could the issue be? What can we do to help the puppy get past this issue?

Hi there and welcome to Just answer!! I am Dr. Loretta, a licensed veterinarian and I am happy to answer your question.

There is a chance that this heartworm pill has caused some irritation to your puppies digestive tract. It is also possible that she may have ingested that has caused this digestive disturbance. This diarrhea irritates the very sensitive rectal mucosa and this causes small blood vessels to break and bleed,. This is not a huge concern and will resolve once the diarrhea has resolved. The mucous is caused by the pain from this irritation leaving the stool in the colon longer than usual. This also will resolve once the diarrhea resolves. Since the Pepto did not help, Imodium AD at 1/4 of a 2 mg caplet per 7 pounds of her weight every 8 hrs. Another fast may also help....

Your vet also has an anti diarrheal prescription medication that will help. I know you are very worried but this digestive disturbance has not been allowed to heal no matter what the cause.

I would also recommend, just in case, to use another type of heartworm preventative.

Good Luck!

Sincerely, XXXXX XXXXX

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