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My dog has a weird coughing noise. Is something stuck in throat?

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My dog keeps making this really weird coughing noise, and I can't figure out if something is stuck in his throat or not.


Welcome to Just Answer. Does it sound like this?

Customer: replied 6 years ago.

It sounds like that sort of. But he has not been around other dogs that would give him kennel cough. He has been outside when it has been raining, maybe he has a cold. I'm not sure, but he is not really wanting to eat anything or drink any water.

Ok. I've seen many cases of kennel cough where a dog has not been around other dogs directly. If he's got a deep cough like that on the video, he's got tracheal irritation from some viral or bacterial organism. The chance of something being caught is very, very, very slim. I would keep him in a quiet spot and let him rest. If he looks really distressed, I would get him to an ER clinic tonight to have them check him over. They can examine him, take x-rays and do other tests to definitively determine what is going on. They can also give him medication to help his coughing. Could he have heart worm? Could he have heart disease? Could he have a pneumonia? Those are also rule outs to consider.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.

His nose is very runny, he has a very dry mouth, his ears and his head feel really warm. He is not acting too distressed. He is up and moving around, but his breaths are kind of mild and shallow. He just seems like he wants to lay down but he is not acting too strange. He is a very lazy dog to begin with.

The runny nose could be associated with the upper respiratory infection (kennel cough). A dry mouth, warm ears and head - those are very subjective. It is good that he's not too distressed. If he gets worse, he needs to be seen tonight.

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