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Can kidney failure be reversed when the kidney is 80% failure

Resolved Question:

Can kidney failure be reversed when the kidney is 80% failure rate? Dog is 7 year old golden retriever and has never been sick until now. Has lost 29 pounds since July. We were trying to reduce weight of dog but not the last 9 pounds. She is at the vet right now and they tell me it doesn't look good. They said they could treat her but more than likely it would not reverse the kidney failure to the point that the kidney would begin functioning again. I'm devastated. Is it hopeless?
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Dog Veterinary
Expert:  Dr. Schup replied 6 years ago.
I don't know if reversed would be the way to look at kidney failure. It takes 70% reduction in kidney function before we start to see abnormalities on our blood work. Depending on what is causing the kidney failure makes the determination on well we can reverse or manage the problem. Is it primary kidney disease or a toxin like anti-freeze. A lot of times we are not sure what is causing the problem without a biopsy of the kidneys we can't tell, which getting a biopsy of the kidney isn't really practical a lot of the time and wouldn't really change what we would do or can do for the animal. The main goals would be to control the clinical signs and manage the condition. Getting the dog feeling better so they will eat, be bright and alert, and normally active. We do this with IV fluid, fluid under the skin, low protein diets, controlling vomiting. We do every thing we can do to get the kidneys to work as well as they will work.
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