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German Shepherd Dog: live with intestinal torsion

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How long does a German Shepherd Dog live with intestinal torsion from the initial start when the intestin flips to death, Maxine time? By that I mean a definitive answer. like 1 hour or 2 hours
Hi there, unfortunately no one can give you a definitive answer in hours. The answer depends on where the intestine is torsed, how much of the blood supply is affected, how long it has been torsed (this is not often known) and whether or not an underlying disease exists as well. The answer is likely hours, but in cases where the torsion is mild or sporadic (keeps flipping back and forth), they can survive for days.

Sorry I can't give specifics, but unfortunately no one can accurately predict an exact time.

Dr. Paul
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Sorrry we are not on same wave length. Answer is not ok.maybe if I explain more. Dog was perfectly healthy intestin flip first foot and all blood was cut off. What is the maxine life time from flip to death.
Sorry for the confusion. Perhaps I don't understand what you are asking.

From your initial question and follow-up, I understand that your dog had an intestinal torsion of the first foot of the intestine and all blood was cut off.

It appears that you are asking for a maximum (both of your questions say "maxine" time--is this maximum?) time from the intestinal flip to death. Is that your question?

That question is impossible to answer. The dog would likely die within hours, but depending on how severe the torsion was, whether it was complete, and how healthy your dog was beforehand, he could survive for days. There is no exact answer for the maximum time from the intestinal flip to death.

Does that answer your question?

Dr. Paul
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