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Dr. Jenn
Dr. Jenn, Dog Veterinarian
Category: Dog Veterinary
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Experience:  Practicing small animal medicine since 2004, also involved in working with rescue groups.
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How can I tell if my dog has been bitten by a snake we were

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How can I tell if my dog has been bitten by a snake? we were walking in central park ny and I thought she got stung on the nose or ear by something in the ground. She threw up ten minutes later and has been panting and shaking her head for a half hour. She seemed better, stopped panting, when I rubbed her ears and head with an ice cube and she licked a couple of cubes. But now she is panting again.
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Dr. Jenn :

Hi there

Dr. Jenn :

You need to give benadryl right away, what does she weigh?

JACUSTOMER-22j2drq4- :

32 pounds,

Dr. Jenn :

This sounds like an allergy reaction-a snake bite may leave 2 puncture wounds right next to each other-you can look for an area of swelling as well. Give benadryl 25mg- 1 1/4 tablets by mouth every 8 hours for the next few days. If your baby continues to have this reaction with no improvement she needs to see a vet for further treatment. There may be an emergency clinic in your area. If you suspect a poisonous snake she should be sen by a vet ASAP.

Dr. Jenn :

Make sure her gums are pink!

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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
her gums are pink, her nose and ears are cool now and she is not panting. I'm going to get the benadryl now
good-continue to monitor her closely.