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My dog is coughing and choking

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My dog keeps coughing and gagging like she's about to throw up but she doesnt, she may have something stuck in her throat im not sure, What should i do?
She is a Carin Terrier, 2 years old, a girl ...

Hello and thank you for asking your question on JustAnswer.

I need a little more information please.

1. When did the coughing start?

2. Does she have any nasal discharge or sneezing?

3. Is she still eating and drinking?

4. If you lift up her lip, what color are her gums?

Thank you

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

1. Just a few hours ago.

2.she hasnt been sneezing no.

3. Yes she is.

4.light pink near her teeth then getting darker.

...She has done this before but not in a while it may be because she swallowed stuffing from a toy or something im just checking.

1. She may have kennel cough. This is a contagious infection that affects dogs only. It causes a cough which makes it sounds like she is coughing up a hairball. This is because the trachea and bronchial tract is inflamed. It usually goes away on its own in 7 to 10 days. If she starts to cough up anything, or has yellow nasal drainage, or stops eating then she should see the vet.

You can give her 1/4 teaspoon of plain robitussin cough syrup every 6 hours for coughing. You can also give her benadryl. Her dose of benadryl is 1 mg per pound of body weight every 8 hours as needed. So if she weighs 10 pounds, give her 10 mg of benadryl.

2. She may also have something stuck in her esophagus or trachea. This would need to be confirmed with an x-rays. If she did have something in there, it could be removed with surgery. This is not very common though. The kennel cough is much more likely.

I hope this helps.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Okay i think it might go away by itself as it has before, should i just keep feeding her as normal and making sure she has water while shes coughing then?

Thank-you Dr. Gabby Your Awesome XD

Yes keep feeding her as normal. If she has a sore throat, it may help to feed her soft foods or wet her kibble with water.

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