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My dog has licked her left knee area until it is an open wound.

Customer Question

My dog has licked her left knee area until it is an open wound. We have tried everything. She tears off bandages and licks off even the worst tasting medicine that has been prescribed. Sometimes the wound will just about become healed and she starts the whole routine over again.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Dog Veterinary
Expert:  YourPetVet replied 7 years ago.
Hello, It sounds like your dog has developed a lick granuloma near the knee. Once they begin they take a long time to go away as it becomes habit for the dog to continue to lick. These are very difficult to treat due to the release of endorphins this creates and have no single remedy to treat them. Due to the age of your dog I would start by trying to make the knee as comfortable as possible. Even if the vet has not found any specific problem with the knee, like ligament or knee cap issues, still treat with anti-inflammatories and joint supplements to reduce any pain and discomfort. Animals can have displaced pain and stress as well meaning they will lick their paws, or knee, when they are sore somewhere else on their body. Also be sure that you are treating for fleas and are not suspicious for any type of allergy as these too can cause overall stress and skin irritation. Cover any open sores with neopsporin or some other topical treatment. Finally, have your dog wear an e-collar, or "cone" to prevent licking while you are not around or asleep. By trying to find and treat the source of stimulation to lick whether it be pain, allergy or other, you should be able to reduce the sore and have it heal. Thanks for your question

J Bache, DVM

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