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My dog may have licked ant powder, we just got bk from the

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My dog may have licked ant powder, we just got bk from the vet and his temp is slightly high. she checked with the poisons line and they said the concentrate wasnt that high in the powder so he should be fine. we have washed his feet so there is no powder on him but he is just laying on the floor and is shivering from time to time. he isnt walking very well either


Hi, I'm Dr. Steve. I agree with your vet. The concentration of poison in ant baits is very low and it is very rare to cause a serious or lethal problem in a dog that just licked a little. This doesn't mean that the won't get sick from licking it. There are no specific antidotes and depending on the ingredient, it usually isn't necessary to induce vomiting. The best thing to do is to make him comfortable and let his system work the poison out. This may take ea few hours to one day. If he isn't better in 24 hours after he licked the poison or if he shows other symptoms, you should contact your vet again. He should be OK, but it may take e a little time. Good Luck


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