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DVM Dave
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I used a 30 day flea treatment on my medium sized dog yesterday

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I used a 30 day flea treatment on my medium sized dog yesterday and it does not seem to have had an effect. I still see fleas running around and he is scratching and chewing constantly. He is epileptic and I do not like to see him stressed out. I purchased a different brand of treatment but am not sure if I should put another application on him. Can you help?

There are a number of things going on. All related to timing. First the promeris will not work instantaneously. It takes some time for to start killing the fleas. If there is a heavy infestation and you want instant killing, you need to talk to your vet about a medication called Capstar, which will kill all the fleas within 30 minutes. Second, if you have a lot of fleas in the environment inside and/or outside, they can continuous keep jumping onto your dog. So you need to kill the fleas in the environment, too. You can purchase sprays and foggers at most pet stores. Third, the prednisone will take a little time to start working and it can not provide good relief until the first and second issues listed above are addressed.

Hope that helps,

DVM Dave
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