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dog lethargic, no appetite, NOT vomiting, NO diarrhea, temperature

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dog lethargic, no appetite, NOT vomiting, NO diarrhea, temperature 103.5, yelping when moved for 36 hours. Vet exam inconclusive with complete palp tests, recommended bloodwork, urine and xrays. Should we do the xray for possible blockage?

Without vomiting, I find obstruction much less likely. I would consider tick diseases in this pup also - testing is done in house on blood. Treatment is quite easy, a 4 week course of antibiotics. Improvement is dramatic and seen within the first 2-3 days at most.


I would pursue the bloodwork, including tick testing, as the first priority.


Good luck with little Bella.


Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Thank you for the quick reply - I will pay you for this answer. Bella was exposed to dogs in the high desert 8 days ago - how long does it take for tick bites to produce symptoms? Also, she had minor choking on a walk yesterday morning before the symptoms started but we didn't see what she might have eaten.


So, we should have the blood tests for tick bites?

Exposure to other dogs should not cause these signs unless there are any issues with her vaccination status.


In laboratory dogs, clinical signs appear anywhere from 2-5 months after exposure to ticks.


I do not think the choking itself would cause her signs and fever. If she did ingest something which caused the choking episode, it may be possible to cause her signs.


Still, I recommend the tick testing (a 4DX test) and routine bloodwork - complete blood count and serum chemistry.


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