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My Boston Terrier has two pimple like bumps under his jaw near

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My Boston Terrier has two pimple like bumps under his jaw near his mouth and his mouth has a sore on it near the bumps. The sore on his mouth looks like a cluster of smaller bumps. What could this be?
I would think first of a chin pyoderma or skin infection. This can be somewhat common and can be caused by an allergy to the dye in a plastic food bowl (so change to a ceramic or stainless steel bowl), bacteria that is on the food bowl because of food residue (so wash the bowl daily), or plugged hair follicles.

With a skin infection, you almost always need oral antibiotics to clear it up. You can try washing those areas with an anti-bacterial soap or a shampoo containing benzoyl peroxide (which helps open up the pores), but I would have your regular vet take a look so appropriate treatment can be started.

If he isn't rubbing or scratching at the area, you can try the soap or shampoo for a few days and see if there is any improvement, but if it is getting worse or bothering him, I would definitely take him in.

Hope that helps!
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
What about the sore on his lips? It seems to be red and swolllen
It could be part of the skin infection, too. Another possiblity could be a papilloma virus, which is contagious between dogs. These look like raised, pink, cauliflower bumps, but it is mainly seen in young dogs.

If Jack is doing any rubbing or scratching at his chin, he could certainly be causing an abrasion on the lip that is now red and sore, too. You could use the anti-bacterial soap on that lesion, too, just trying to keep most of it out of his mouth.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
He goes to doggy day care. Could he get the Papilloma virus from there? He has been going there for almost 10 years.
He certainly could. Here is a link with a picture of the papillomas:
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
His bumps on his mouth do not look like that. They almost resemble a blister but it is not. It swells and then totally then disappears. The pimples under his jaw are new today but the bumps on his lips at the corner of his mouth have been coming a going for about a week. I thought he might have just chewed his bone to hard.
I don't think so, but something that caused chronic irritation can abrade the skin and cause a sore. The blister reference also makes me think about auto-immune skin diseases, such as pemphigus. These tend to affect areas around mucus membranes, which includes the mouth.

Since this has been going on for a week, I think it would be worth a trip to the vet for someone to actually look at the lesions. Your vet may try antibiotics or a cream, but may also want to biopsy one of the blisters if they look suspicious.
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