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My dog has bumps on his back, some on his sides

Resolved Question:

Hi. My dog has bumps on his back, some on his sides and on his rear outter thighs. They aren't red, but raisied pink bumps. They almost look like a mosquito bite on a human. He has very few on his underside. He isn't really itching or scratching as if they are irritating to him. He had some Monday, then my husband gave him a bath with flea shampoo because he feared they may be from fleas, but he is on Frontline monthly. Then Tuesday he rolled on his back in the grass and rubbed all over his back and sides, which he loves to do, and on Wednesday it seemed to be worse than ever.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Dog Veterinary
Expert:  Dr. Dan replied 7 years ago.

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What this sounds like is a surface skin infection. Small little raised pink bumps that come and go, sometimes get crusty, sometimes have hair loss can be very common in dogs. They often show up around the ages of 2-5 years of age. If they are not itchy and not causing major hair loss then they can be watched for awhile. If they begin to spread badly, become itchy, or a lot of hair falls out then a trip to the vet is warranted. A simple antibiotic will take care of the problem usually within a couple of days. Not a lot you can do at home, benedryl is ok but since this is often associated with low numbers of bacteria, usually antibiotics are required.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
We first noticed last summer he had very few, then in fall and winter he never had any. Then, when we had a hot spell in early spring he had one or two here and there. They only last a few days then go away. Sometimes when he's getting a rub down, a tiny dry piece of skin may flake off in the area where the bump is about gone. I've heard that blue dogs may be prone to skin irritations, is that true?
Expert:  Dr. Dan replied 7 years ago.

It is true blue dogs having weaker genetics often can have more issues like skin problems. However spring and summer related problems are the classic symptoms of early stage seasonal allergies. Most of the time these bumps are seasonal allergy triggered. If the bumps are not terrible they can be watched and will often go away again in fall and winter. Seasonal allergies have a tendency to get worse every year.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Do you think that the bath with flea shampoo may have just aggravated the allergy or was it just coincidence? In your opinion, it is the possibility of seasonal allergies as opposed to the surface skin infection due to the fact that is seems to only a late spring and summer issue at this point?
Expert:  Dr. Dan replied 7 years ago.

Bathing will sometimes make the skin a little dryer but unless you are bathing daily it likely didn't make the problem worse.

As for your second question the answer is both.

The way it works is that the seasonal allergies start --> the allergy causes a weakening of the skins immune system --> the weak immune system allows minor bacterial infections --> the minor infections cause the bumps.

So in essence through a process in the skin the allergy causes the infection.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
That makes sense. We first noticed it last June, around this time, when we took him to the shore. We thought is was from the salt water or those darn flies that bother you when you are on the beach. But, he had a few here and there after that until fall came and the weather cooled off and didn't have any until this spring. We did have a hot snap in late April and in May so it's like summer came early. I appreciate your help. I will keep an eye on them and if they don't clear up in the next few days or get worse we will be making a trip to the vet. Thanks so much.
Expert:  Dr. Dan replied 7 years ago.
Good luck!
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