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My dog has a bump on her back leg that bleeds. It showed up

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My dog has a bump on her back leg that bleeds. It showed up a few weeks ago and to me looked like a puncture wound possibly from another dog biting her. I am a nurse and I put antibiotic cream (for dogs) on it and wrapped it. It stopped bleeding a few days later and all was fine. Today I noticed the bump is still there and it is bleeding again. What could this be?

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Just a quick couple of questions if you don't mind.

(1) Does the lesion looked raised or is it a depression/ulcer?

(2) Has Ebony been licking or chewing at it?

(3) Where exactly on the rear leg is it....above the knee or below?



Customer: replied 7 years ago.

The lesion is raised.

I have not seen her chew at it but she licks it like she is cleaning it.

It's on her back right leg on the knee.

Thank for the reply.


My concern is that this may actually be a tumor. If this were a bite wound I would have expected this to be well on the road to healing, not bleeding again.


There are a couple of skin tumors that can bleed. One is called a hemangioma and the other is a basal cell tumor. Both are usually benign (but as a nurse you know that you can't always be assured that).


Since it has not healed well, I recommend that you take Ebony in for an exam to see if this is something like a tumor that can be excised.


Hope this was helpful......

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Yes, I was wondering if it was a tumor as well. Looks like we are headed for the Vet. Thank you.
You're welcomed.....hope it is just a minor tumor! Good luck.....
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