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I have been told that Charcoal tablets help with bad breath

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I have been told that Charcoal tablets help with bad breath in dogs, is this true and if so what dosage. If not what can I do cure bad breath?
Good morning,

The charcoal can help some. Is there allot of tartar on her teeth?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.


No they are really quite clean, and I have cleaned her teeth a few times, but she still has a smelly breath, my husband says its because of the biscuits I give her just before bed!!!! I thought charcoal tablets a good idea except I have read charcoal is casogenic??

No, I don't think the charcoal tabs are any more carcinogenic than anything else in this life. They do make biscuits with chlorophyll in them that seem to help with the halitosis.
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Just one more thing I bought some tablets in the health shop, they contain 250mg of charcoal per tablet, I have been giving her 1 a day with her evening meal for the last couple of days, is this the correct dosage?

Thanks for your help.

Thats a good dose. Good luck.