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Why is our dog licking her nose excessively?

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Our dog has begun excessively licking her nose just over the course of the past few hours. She almost behaves like there's peanut butter on top of her nose that she can't reach, although in fact there is nothing there (weird explanation, I know). She has recently been on a long car trip and has only been home for a week. When she first returned home, she was off her food. She started receiving a different kind of food while travelling, and when we changed it back to the food we had at home, she wouldn't eat. We changed back to the food she received on the road, and she's eating normally again. Is the licking something we should be concerned about? Or is it a nervous tic? Is it possible that it's a sign of epilepsy, or other neurological disorders, or a sign of boredom? What are the most likely causes, and recommended treatment?

Hello and welcome to Just Answer,

Thanks for your question concerning Aria Speedwagon :) I need some additional information to help.

1) Is she responsive if you call her? Does it stop if she is doing something else (i.e. if taken outside to go to potty).

2) Any vomiting or diarrhea?

3) Any chance she could have got into any chemicals, toxins, or drugs?

Reply back and I will try to help.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

My boyfriend is trying to get her to come to him. Her tail is wagging, but she is lying on the bed. She is normally a very social dog, and loves to cuddle with us on the couch, but has isolated herself in the other room. Yes, it stops if she goes outside to potty. There is no vomiting, but she did have loose stool this evening. She definitely did not get into any chemicals, drugs or other toxins. I am very careful to keep all those items out of my animals reach. While walking her earlier, we noticed there was some broken glass in the parking lot, but not before we were right on top of it. We didn't see her pay any attention to it, or mess with it. She is normally playful, and will steal the toy from our other dog, and hoard them. They will go at it for a half hour at a time. He just lured her out of the bedroom, but her level of engagement with him and willingness to let him keep the toy is different. While she was chasing him, though the licking stopped. Now that the play has stopped, she has begun the licking again, and it not showing any interest in the toy, though he has it right in her view.

Thank you for your quick response.

Thanks for the additional information.

Any chance she is having any nasal discharge? I have seen dogs lick constantly if there is discharge. I have also seen them lick constantly if something is stuck on the roof of their mouth. Take a look if she will let you.

Otherwise, I agree this could certainly be some type of "Focal" seizure. As long as she is not having a full blown grand mal seizure, vomiting, or continuing to have loose stool, it could probably wait until morning, but I do think she needs to be examined by your veterinarian. If they don't find anything on physical exam they will most likely want to run complete blood work (CBC, Biochemistry, T4) to check her out.

Again if she is getting worse, it would be better to get her in sooner than later.

I hope this helps. Good luck with Aria, and let me know if you have additional questions.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

You've been absolutely terrific, but we did follow your recommendations, and here's what we've found.
We did not notice any nasal discharge, the challenge here, of course is that with the incessant licking of her nose, we wouldn't expect to find anything.
We were able to get a look at the roof of her mouth, and saw what we think might be the cause. The roof of her mouth is uniformly black in color, except for one spot in the centre, which is beige (peachish?) in color. We also touched her tongue and came away with some material, that we aren't sure of what it could be. It was also beigeish, and very soft. While she ate hours ago, she did recently have a milkbone (20 minutes ago). So it might be pieces of that, or we were thinking it could be skin.
Our vet only sees patients every alternating Saturday, and we are unsure if tomorrow is a yes or no day. Assuming that things are status quo, and the condition doesn't worsen, and no other symptoms present themselves, would it be necessary to pursue a local pet ER, or in your opinion, do you think it would be safe until Monday?
Again, you've been wonderful, and we truly appreciate your response.

Thanks for the additional information. If she is not getting worse and acting ok, i.e. eating/drinking & no vomiting/diarrhea, then you could certainly wait until Monday.

Hopefully your veterinarian will be working tomorrow Smile, and it won't be an issue. Again, if getting worse then contact the ER.

Good luck! Let me know if I can help again in the future.

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