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Dr. Christian K.
Dr. Christian K., Dog Veterinarian
Category: Dog Veterinary
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Experience:  12 years of veterinary experience in canine surgery, medicine and behavior
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my dog fell and is limping on its hind leg. I checked for

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my dog fell and is limping on it's hind leg. I checked for any broken bones and there was no tenderness except for a slight sensitivity in the paw itself. He is still limping after 24 hrs and I gave him a low dose asprin. Now he seems to have gotten worst and is listless and shaking. with sometimes fever and chills. What should I do?

This is Dr. Christian. Welcome to JustAnswer. A few questions will help me get a clearer picture of the situation:

  • How much does he weigh?
  • Does he have any other medical conditions or take other medications?
  • Was aspirin 81mg?
  • Can you find a swollen or painful area on the leg?
  • Can you take his rectal temperature?
  • Is he eating and drinking?
  • Are his gums a normal pink color?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.


my dog weight is approx.35 lbs

no other medical conditions or medications

the asprin was 81 mgs.

he is eating only a little but is still drinking

he is somewhat sluggish and wants to lay down and sleep

his tempature is 101

and his gums are pink


thank you and God Bless You for helping me

You are welcome. I'm glad I can help. Is he putting any weight on the leg at all? Is he dragging it or lifting it off the ground?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

occasionally in the begining he put some weight on his leg but now he is lifting it off the ground and seems not to want to walk at all. He just want to lay down and sleep

The symptoms he is having could be caused by the pain in the leg. His temperature is normal so we can rule on a fever or infection. He can actually get two and 1/2 of the 81mg aspirin every 12 hours. That may help control his pain a little better tonight and make him comfortable. If he doesn't improve then have him seen tonight by a vet. I'm concerned that he either has a broken bone, perhaps in a toe, or even a torn cruciate ligament in his knee. It is definitely best to have him seen tomorrow. A simple sprain should have improved by now. If you have more questions please let me know.
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