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Dr. Stacy
Dr. Stacy, Veterinarian
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My 3 year old ,3 lb, pomeranian (female) is acting strange.

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My 3 year old ,3 lb, pomeranian (female) is acting strange. Almost like hallucinations. Seeing things on the floor that are not there,skirting from side to side ,nearly always panting. Seems scared of everything, including toys and objects.Has trouble navigating 2 steps when in this confused state.Her tongue is constantly going in and out too. She avoids shadows on the carpet or outside when walking. She eats well, drinks frequently. Her tongue is nice and pink. Please can you advise what maybe the problem. Many thanks , LOUISE
Thank you for your question. I just have a few questions to better help me answer your question.

How long has your dog been acting strange?

Have you used any new medications or flea products?

When she eats, does she have any trouble swallowing?

Dr. Stacy
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Acting strange for about 3 weeks. No new products. No trouble swallowing. She had a collapsed trachea problem as a baby. Had bronchitis as well. Nearly died.Consequently, she has always been slightly nervous but symptoms are getting worse I feel. We have 2 other little dogs. She is in a very loving home. She and siblings are never left alone.
Does she act strange all the time or are there some times that she is normal?

Dr. Stacy
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Sometimes normal but not often.Most of her waking time she acts strange as I described.
My first thought in this breed is possibly a liver shunt. This is something they are born with, but sometimes signs don't show up for a few years. The blood is not adequately filtered by the liver, this allows nitrogen to build up. The nitrogen effects the brain and causes everything from sleepiness to disorientation, to seizures. Routine bloodwork does not always detect a liver shunt, special tests have to be ordered.

Other thoughts are an assortment of things that can interfere with brain function. These include a brain tumor (less likely at this age), a form of epilepsy, or an inflammatory disease of the brain.

The "inside the brain" causes require an MRI and spinal tap to diagnose. I would start with a bile acids test to try to detect a liver shunt first.

I hope that helps.

Dr. Stacy
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