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My dog is coughing and gagging but still eating drinking and

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My dog is coughing and gagging but still eating drinking and happy, He also vomits a little when he gags. What can I do?
Hello. Thanks for writing in. What is his breed and how old is he? Has he been around any other dogs recently? If you press along his throat, especially near his chest, does he cough? Is he on heartworm prevention every month?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
He is a mini labradoodle and will be 1 year old is about 2 weeks. I check him just now by pressing on his throat and chest but he did not cough and is not coughing at all now it just seems to be random spells. He is not on heartworm meds. About 1 once a week he goes to dog day care.
Thanks. Where do you live?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Thanks for the information. Kennel cough or some other upper respiratory infection is definitely a concern, being that she boards regularly. If not on heartworm prevention, I would be very concerned about heartworm disease or lungworms as well. An allergic bronchitis, pre-existing heart problems and inhalation of a foreign body are all possible. I would have your vet take a look at him tomorrow, though, for a full evaluation. A heartworm test and fecal is definitely indicated. They may or may not recommend bloodwork and x-rays based on their exam findings. At the vary least, I would start on an antibiotic trial, start cough medication and give a trial of Panacur dewormer (lungworms can be very difficult to find on a fecal exam). Please let me know if you have any other questions. Hope this helps.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
My vet won't be in the office until monday, is it safe to wait until then?
As long as she is eating normally, not overly lethargic, and the cough is not getting worse; it will probably be ok to wait until Monday. If any of these issues come up, then bring her into your nearest veterinary emergency clinic this weekend. Hope this helps.
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