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Dr. Pat
Dr. Pat, Dog Veterinarian
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Experience:  12 years of private practice, 10 years of ER medicine, current professor
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Hello, My dog has frequent urination, diarrhea with blood in her stools, and has vom

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My dog has frequent urination, diarrhea with blood in her stools, and has vomited twice this morning.

All these symptoms started this morning around 5am. She does have a history of diarrhea that I usually treat with metamucil and special dog food from the vet (I.D.).

The frequent urination is new though. Although she is on Proin for incontinence - but it seems today her urination is not productive.

Thank you for your question. I can help you with her, however I have a few questions that will help me help her.

I always take bloody diarrhea very seriously , especially in older dogs.

1. Is there frank (red) blood or does the stool look the color of coffee grounds?

2. When was the last time she ate?

3. Is it possible she could have "gotten into" anything. (Do you live on a farm, does she roam, garbage near by?)

4. When she tried to urinate, can she or is she just "posturing"?

Thank you,

Dr. Pat
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
The answers to your questions are below:
1) The blood is red, she is cream colored and I could see the blood on her fur. It was fresher looking and not darker.
2) She ate yesterday evening.
3) She could have possibly gotten into something, she has had a history of this in the past but I didn't see her eat anything out of the ordinary. We live in the subarbs in a town house community and we frequently let her out loose in the front - she runs outside, urinates and comes back in.
4) It looked like she was just posturing. It reminded me of a male dog, that is constantly "marking". But she has never done this before.

Oh she was also panting earlier today, but that seems to have subsided some.


Thank you, XXXXX XXXXX help.

The blood coming from her anus could be either from her GI tract (usually frank blood is from pushing as is not as concerning in small amounts as "coffee ground" stool, which indicates bleeding in the small intestine (a much bigger issue).

With the panting (pain) and frequent urination, I would of course worry about a urinary tract infection and this could also be the source of the blood. Of course, it could be her GI...or both!

So....better safe...let's try to treat both a home for a few hours ..or at least until tomorrow so that you can avoid the ER fee if possible.

Let me first say that IF she becomes worse, can not stop vomiting, or wretching, begins to look "bloated" or begins to show more (more than a 1/8 cup of blood) in her stool at any time, she needs to see someone today....immediately.

1. For 3 hours NPO (nothing per os, nothing by mouth) EXCEPT for one 10 mg tablet of Pepcid AC. I would get the dissolvable if possible.

2. If no vomiting in 3 hours try boiled chicken and rice, mixed 50/50. Offer 1/2 cup only. The rice will help bind her and should help to stop the diarrhea naturally. If she HATEs rice, use chicken baby food and rice. This masks the rice taste.

3. If she manages to keep this down add soup. (Make campbell's chicken noodle) She needs to replenish fluids. Fast. Give her what she will little amounts....over an hour.

4. If she manages all this, you can start adding somethings to support the urinary tract and the GI tract.
I would add 2 capsules of cranberry, 500 mg of Vit C, (both of these medically proven via research to help UTI's) and again offer her more fluids. At this point you can also give her ONE capsule of Immodium. (you can repeat this once in 24 hours) This can really help, but I do not use this drug more than twice in 24 hours as I have seen the reverse (constipation) result.

I think this will get her back on the right track, but if she or seems really off, better to bring her than to worry.

I hope this helps.

Dr. Pat
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