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Category: Dog Veterinary
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Causes of red eye in dogs? One of my dog's eye is red.

Resolved Question:

Hello, my dog has one very red eye. It is the white of her eye that is completely red. The other eye is fine.

Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Dog Veterinary
Expert:  askwalt replied 7 years ago.

A red eye is quite common in dogs and there could be a host of causes.

Dogs have third eyelids, which are designed to protect the eyes from foreign objects, Sometimes, bits of wood or other debris get trapped under the lid, making the eye sore and irritated. This can cause swelling and redness.

When both eyes are irritated, however, it typical indicates something else. Pets with allergies, will sometimes get red eyes so if the dog has allergy's this could be the cause. In dogs, high blood pressure is also a concern. And in dogs, serious problems such as glaucoma or tumors can cause teary or mucus eyes.

I suspect it is from something that has gotten into the eye and caused irritation. You can flush the eye with a eye cleaning drops found at your local pet store, and give Benadryl to help with the swelling and irritation.

There are serious symptoms you should watch out for, but otherwise you can monitor her and keep the eye clean at home. Should she display the following symptoms or not improve within 72 hours it is recommended you take her to the vet.

Your dogs eye seems extremely sore and irritated
The dog has been riding in the car
Your dog has been sprayed by a skunk
Scratching or pawing the eyes
Eyes have turned blue, gray, or cloudy, or the dog is having trouble getting around
Eyes are frequently bloodshot or dry
There has been a watery or discolored discharge from the eyes for 48 hours or more
Your dogs eyes are bulging
The eyelids are swollen or unable to close
There is a growth on the eye or eyelid
One or both pupils are dilated, or they don't respond to light
Your dog seems very sensitive to light
The eyes are droopy or sunken
The third eyelids are covering the lower parts of the eyes
The eyes are continually moving back and forth
Blood or tiny blood vessels are visible in the center (not the whites) of the eyes
The eyelid appears to be turned inward or outward

Should she have any of the above symptoms you should get to the vet as soon as possible. Otherwise you can use eye drops from the Pet store and Benadryl to help. Be sure to use only the plain Benadryl formula. Giving Benadryl with other combination of meds could be fatal, so be sure to read the box. Here is a link with dosage instructions: Please Click Here

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