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my dog has something stuck in his throat and he keeps trying

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my dog has something stuck in his throat and he keeps trying to cough it up and nothing? What should I do?



Welcome to Just Answer. IF Disney is able to drink water and eat his dinner without trouble, then there most likely isn't' something caught in his esophagus. If you believe he has something in his trachea, that is pretty rare. I'm very suspicious that your little one has kennel cough. That is a viral/bacterial upper respiratory infection of the trachea that causes irritation and coughing events like your describing. Here is a video of a dog with it.

If this is what is going on, then his body is fighting of that infection. If there is no nasal discharge then most likely it is viral at this point. If there is discharge then there is a secondary bacterial component. These are cases where I will recommend antibiotics to be given. If the coughing is persistent and she can't get comfortable, then cough suppressants can be used. These should both be obtained from your vet.

Here is a great link on kennel cough.

PLease let him rest and don't stimulate him. No smoke or dust as that can make it worse. Also no leash walks - use a harness.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Thank-you very much. This is exactly what it sounds like. How long does this take to go away? We just put him in doggy day care at the Doggie Office in Brookfield, WI. We have him current on all his vaccines. Can we give him cough syrup? I feel so bad for him.

I was hoping that's what he sounds like. In all honesty, as long as he's still eating and drinking, resting comfortably and not having tons of nasal discharge - he most likely doesn't need any medications. If he gets worse, your vet will want to start up oral antibiotics to help fight a secondary bacterial infection. I wouldn't do any cough syrup at this time, some coughing is good to help clear the mucus out of the trachea. Kennel cough cases can take 4 to 10 days to get better. The doggy day care is where he most likely was exposed to this.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Should I keep him home for Day Care until this is cleared?
Will he build up a resistance to Kennel Cough?
Should I take him to our vet or not necessary at this time?

Thank-you so much to take out time to answers my questions. This is my first dog by myself and I never seen this before.
I would recommend keeping him out of day care. Similar to having a kid with a good cold. You don't want to send him to school. It is the right thing to not expose everyone else. His body should fight off the infection. Kennel cough is like the human cold - it initially is a viral infection that is constantly changing. As long as he's not too uncomfortable and eating/drinking well - a vet visit isn't absolutely necessary. But, if you want peace of mind - that visit would help to get that. Don't worry about all the questions.
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