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Dr.Fiona, Dog Veterinarian
Category: Dog Veterinary
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Experience:  Small animal medicine and surgery - 16 years experience in BC, California and Ontario
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My dog is shaking and drooling heavily.

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My dog is shaking and drooling heavily.

For a bit he could not get up when he tried.He was then fine for 20 min.,the symptoms returned for a bit,then fine again.

Hi, I am Dr. Peter and would like to help.

1- Does the shaking, drooling and unable to get up happen all at once?

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Does he lose conscious?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
No,remains concious

Hi there,

I just logged on and saw your question.

I would like to help you and Buddy with this question, but need a bit more information in order to better assist you.

* When did all this start - hours, days or weeks ago?

* Any vomiting?

* Any diarrhea?

* Is your Beagle on any medications at all?


Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I just got Buddy on Mon. Feb.22.He was fine until Mon. March 1. That day he was fine all day.I took him for a 1 1/2 mile walk which he did great on.I walk Buddy every day-! 1/2 -3 miles,and he loves it. On Monday, 1 hour after the walk he was in the backyard.He was sprawled out on the grass.His rear legs went way out to the sides and were twitching.He was drooling thick,clear mucousy saliva profusely.He would try to get up but could not.He looked very scared by what was happening to him.I tried to give him water but no interest.I went to ask my neighbor if she had any prognosis,then went on line and checked your website.Around 20-30 min. passed.Next thing I knew, Buddy came walking in the back door gingerly.He seemed OK.I went outside to tell the neighbor he was OK.We talked for 20 min. I came back inside and buddy was outside on the side of the house.He was drooling profusely and shaking again but not in such a contourted position.I went to do more research and call Vets.( which I can't afford right now being on disability),Shortly thereafter,Buddy ventured inside.I cleaned him up and he rested on the couch for hours.At around 9:30 pm he was able to eat and drink and go out and go potty.He slept well that night.Tues. he was fine all day.We went on our walk,he was playful and functioned normally.Today he is fine also. I still would like to know what may have occurred, and is there something that needs top be done to prevent it in the future.?

I can certainly see why you were concerned! That does sound alarming!

It would help me to know:
- where do you live (state and country)?
- are there Bufo toads or other poisonous toads where you are?
- did Buddy have any diarrhea on Mon or Tues?
- any vomiting?

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I live in Sacramento California.No toads that I know ofbut I am not up on that sort of stuff.He did not have diarrhea.No vomitting.

Wow, this is a puzzle!

It is really odd that he was fine before this event, and again after this event. Of course, since you have only had Buddy for 10 days, it`s hard to know if he has ever had this type of event before.

The things that I would be considering if Buddy were on his way in to see me are:

1. Petit mal seizure

What you are describing with Buddy could possible be a partial motor seizure – also called a “petit mal” seizure.

Here are some videos of this type of seizure:

In a dog of this age, if he suddenly started to have seizures, it could be because of epilepsy. This is fairly common in dogs, and sometimes we have to put them on anticonvulsants like phenobarbital if they seizure more often than once a month.

Here is more about epilepsy:

2. Toxin

Beagles have a bit of reputation for eating things that they should not eat, and this would be the thing that I think is most likely for Buddy. Things that could cause the type of symptoms you are seeing are eating certain poisonous mushrooms, eating marijuana (which dogs like and will seek out on walks), or even eating compost.

Not all wild mushrooms are poisonous, but some are. the symptoms from eating them can be just drooling, or outright vomiting, and also possibly diarrhea, muscle tremors, and collapse.

Here are some links to more information about mushrooms and dogs:

Pets ingesting marijuana become incoordinated and begin stumbling. Most become quite lethargic. Some may experience hallucinations. The danger with marijuana is that vomiting is common, and if the pet is profoundly lethargic and begins vomiting, aspiration of the vomitus into the lungs can lead to severe breathing problems and even death.

3. Exercise induced collapse

This is a syndrome that I have only ever seen in Labrador retrievers, but it is faintly possible that Buddy could be affected. It comes on after exercise, especially if the dog overheats. The dog seems totally fine one minute, but then has hind end weakness and collapse rather suddenly. Dogs often seem unaware that their back legs are not working and try to keep running. It goes away on its own as the dog rests.

Here is a video of an affected dog:

4. Frog ingestion

What you are describing in your dog with profuse drooling could happen if he picked up a frog. This is because of the really horrible taste from the amphibian’s skin. It is irritating to mucus membranes and causes extreme salivation and sometimes vomiting.

It works well (from the frog’s perspective) at making the dog spit the frog out!

That said, there is a toxic toad in the USA and one in Australia, too. In the USA it is the Bufo Toad, and in Australia, it is the Cane Toad. In the USA the Bufo Toad is found in South Florida and South Texas, and also further south into central and South America.

Here is more about it:

It is unlikely that your Beagle got one of these, however. Probably he might have just picked up a regular frog or toad, and found that they taste horrible!

Those would be the main things I would be concerned about in Buddy as a cause for his odd symptoms. If they happen again, try to take video of it, if you can. That could really help your vet, or one of the experts here, to better identify what is going on. It can also be really helpful during an episode to check how many breaths a minute he is taking and even to check Buddy's temperature if he will let you.

Instructions here:

I certainly hope that you never see this type of problem again. Given that he is a Beagle, my top concern would be that he ate something he should not have! I had a beagle for 14 years and in that time he ate a LOT of things he should not have!

As he seems fine now, I would simply monitor him for the time being and see if this ever happens again. If you have any way of finding out his previous history to see if he has ever had an episode before, that would also be helpful!

I do hope that this has been useful to you and that you and Buddy never have this problem again!

If you need more information, just click on reply and I will still be here to provide it.


Dr.Fiona, Dog Veterinarian
Category: Dog Veterinary
Satisfied Customers: 6273
Experience: Small animal medicine and surgery - 16 years experience in BC, California and Ontario
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Thank you for such a thorough and informative answer to my question about Buddy.
you are so very welcome! :-)