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What are the causes of dark yellow, orange urine in dogs?

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What are the causes of dark yellow, orange urine in dogs?

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Is your dog straining to urinate?
Are there other symptoms?


Customer: replied 7 years ago.

I took my beloved Monroe to two vets who said it could have been cancer of the kidneys or cancer of the liver. He was severely dehydrated, his ears and gums turned yellow on Sunday and he passed away on Sunday night (last week). Some weeks earlier (2 , 3) his back legs appeared a little weak, and he was not his normal, happy, peppy self. I took him to the vet in November becasue he seemed a little sluggish and was not eating well; the vet did a complete blood work-up which came back as everything in the normal range. He began eating well again after November.

His urine began to turn dark yellow, and in two days became brick orange--this was last week. I took him to the vet last Thursday who said he was very dehydrated. The vet gave him an IV and an antibiotic. He continued to decline so I took him to the hospital where he got another IV and another antibiotic. I brought him home and over the course of one day and night, I gave him IV fluids and antibiotics (twice). Finally, on Sunday he was so weak I did not want to pinch and poke him anymore. He passed away last Sunday night. We are so heartbroken and beyond consolation.

We want anwers---how is it possible to develop a fatal disease in three months? We can not imagine ourselves getting another dog and going through this horrible experience. Please help us what happened. Thank you.

Marisa and Neil 2/20/10

Oh, Marisa and Neil!! I am soo sorry for your loss!!

I know you miss Monroe very much and need to find closure. It would have been best to have your vet perform a necropsy (autopsy) so you will know for sure what happened to your precious Monroe.

If this is not possible, it appears to me that he had a complete liver failure that caused his demise. The orange colored urine is due to jaundice which is a liver specific sign and if there is complete liver failure, this is incompatible with life. If Monroe was a human, he would have been in lone for a liver transplant.

This liver failure could be due to cancer or cirrhosis which occurs after years of use of his liver. It is odd to me that his lab work was normal but the liver can crash suddenly without warning. It appears this is what happened to your precious Monroe. In this situation, there is nothing that anyone could have done to save your guy.

My thoughts and prayers are with you, Marisa and Neil, and your precious Monroe!!
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