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dog has black stool and will not eat

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dog has black stool and will not eat

I will try to help you with your pup's stool is associated with bleeding in the upper gastrointestinal tract in most cases. (Some medications, such as PeptoBismol or Sucralfate may make the stools dark, too). In order to provide you with the most complete answer possible, can you provide the following details?:


What type (breed) of dog is she (some breeds of dogs are predisposed to bleeding disorders)...Any access to D-Conn or rat/mouse poison?

Are her stools formed or loose? How long has it been since she was eating normally?

How long since you noticed her stools are black?

Have you had her tested for intestinal parasites and if so, what were the findings?

Is she current on her vaccinations?
Besides not eating, any other changes in behavior or attitude?

Does she have access to bones, sticks, toys, or anything else she might have swallowed?

Inside or outside dog/any other pets and if so, how are they acting?

Is she spayed yet or not?


Customer: replied 7 years ago.

She's a rot and about 6-7 months old. All current on her vaccinations and she's not spayed. Outside dog mostly, occassionally bring her inside the house.


She stopped eating about 2 days ago.


Several possible causes (my thoughts):


- changed dog food to adult food about a week ago, but switched back to puppy chow because we just figured she didn't like the other food


- last monday we had our bkyrd sprayed with a weed killer, but kept her inside the house for 3 hours and it's been raining throughout the week


- This monday pesticide was sprayed around the house, but she was inside during that time.


- monday, she swallowed a baby sock. there maybe several occassions where she swallow small stuff/toys. she's also been nibbling on her bedding, and comes out in her poo. And I've notice chunks of rocks by the dog house. I don't know if she's eating them.


- I've washed her bowl out and changed her water feeder both times the back yard was sprayed.


- She'll nibble some food from my hand but will eat what she used to. When I let her into the house, she'll automatically start looking for crumb by the table





Hi again!
Thanks for the additional feedback, it's helpful but I still need to know a few more things:

Has she ever been tested for intestinal parasites (ie, a fecal sample for worms, etc)? Or has she been thoroughly dewormed or on monthly dewormer (eg: heartgard, interceptor,etc) --I'm asking because certain GI parasites can cause upper GI bleeding.


Also, if you can let me know the ingredients in the weed killer and the pesticides used, that would be VERY helpful and I can do a websearch on those ingredients to see if they can cause bleeding and/or GI distress. Sometimes it doesn't take much to cause an adverse reaction.


Rottweilers are a breed that's genetically prediposed to a type of bleeding disorder called Von Willebrand's Disease and some never show symptoms, while other do at unexpected times (this shows up as blood loss /bleeding tendencies symptoms that suggest bleeding into the intestines could make us consider whether or not she may have a form of VWD). The only good way to diagnose that is by a blood test sent to an outside lab, and the results take several days or more. This would be a less likely cause of her symptoms than intestinal parasites or toxins.


Lastly, however, your mentioning she (like lots of pups) is known to eat/swallow items concerns me greatly that this may be the cause of her symptoms. If she has a full or partial intestinal obstruction, time is of the essence to have this diagnosed. This is done with a combination of physical examination, x-ray (sometimes with barium), and/or ultrasound. Over the past couple of decades, I could write a book about some of the odd things we've retrieved from the GI tract of pets...Barbie Doll arms, underwear, washclothes, tampons, rocks, acorns, zippers, popsicle sticks, Greenies, rawhides, chew-hooves, bones, and the list goes on and on....

Whenever a usually healthy pup refuses food for more than one meal, I would start to become concerned , especially with your details indicating she is known to ingest non-food items....


If you want me to check on the pesticide/weed killer angle for you, let me know, otherwise if this answer gives you enough information to act upon, please "accept' this answer (or ask follow up question),as well as provide me with feedback! Thanks so much!

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