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my dog acts like she is in labor...shaking, not drinking, not

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my dog acts like she is in labor...shaking, not drinking, not eating, licking her self and her breast...she has put on some weight and her breast have filled out a bit...nose is cold...tossing her beding she is nesting...hates all the other dogs...stays in her bed...

Thanks for using, I'm Dr. Dan and I'll try to help you.

Has your dog been bred to another dog?
When was her last heat cycle?
Is she doing any straining like she's trying to push out a pup?

Dr. Dan
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
her last cycle was around november...she has gotten a little thick i felt but i do not feel anything...if she is it has to be just other dog had puppies new years eve...they are 4 and a half weeks old....she is not pushing...just tighting up and shaking then it is over she has been doing this for around 3 days now....she does eat and drink but not like normal
Hi carlie,

This is the approximate timing of a full term pregnancy but it is also the proper timing for a pseudo pregnancy. If she is pregnant and is not yet straining then I would not yet worry. If she begins straining and strains for more for an hour then this is a problem and the vet needs to be called. If you start to see a puppy and see the puppy for longer than 15 min w/o it being born then it's time to see the vet. I'd continue to keep an eye on her. If she is still shaking and slower on her eating tomorrow I'd take her in for an x-ray/ultrasound/palpation to see if she's pregnant or false pregnant. If she's pregnant and ill then she needs help, if she's Pseudo pregnant then she just needs more time to let the hormones run their course and she'll return to normal on her own.

For more information on pregnancy and pseudo pregnancy see the following websites:

I hope this helps, best wishes.
Dr. Dan

Edited by Doctor Dan on 2/1/2010 at 3:26 AM EST
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