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My dog cannot walk without his front legs giving way. He is

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My dog cannot walk without his front legs giving way. He is 13 and was putting in an odd stumble but last night the front legs just about packed up. He had a dripping nose/mouth that was flowing freely- stopped now He has been taking rimadyl (successfully) for the past 2 months but has had 3 doses of propalin( 2 yesterday and I stopped his third dose) to treat chronic incontinence. The incontinence started 2 months ago and occurs during his sleep. He had wet his bed 5/6 nights to starting the propalin treatment monday afternoon.
Hello there,

Was the leg problem an issue before the Propalin was started?

Is the dog able to stand on his own?

Does the dog seem disoriented or painful?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
He was having a little trouble with his back legs ( have been trying rimadyl with some success for 6/7 weeks) but we had noticed an occasional stumble with his front legs very recently and prior to the propalin. He can stand a walk a few yards but his front legs give way a couple of times in a 10 yard walk. He has refused all food since I last wrote - including tidbits that he would normally relish. He seems orientated and will wag his tail when I am calling him but I suspect it is very sore for him to walk and he is avoiding moving around. The second dose of propalin yesterday was possibly greater than the 0.35mg advised as the syring malfunctioned and I estimated the amount - but would not have been much over and then final dose of the 3 daily advised was omitted.
If the front legs are affected this severely and the dog had problems prior to the Propalin, a cervical disk problem is most likely. It can be caused by a calcified disk, a herniated disk or cancer within the disk. Plain film radiographs often do not help with diagnosis. The cervical vertebrae overlap and hide the disk spaces. These cases are treated with high doses of oral prednisone. Rimadyl helps with joints, but does not penetrate the spine very well. The problem in this case is the incontinence issue. The prednisone can cause increased thirst in many dogs, which may cause the incontinence to get worse.
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