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golden retriever: stool..he ate some well cooked pork..paw..behavior

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Type Your Dog Veterinary Question Here.. my dog is 1 yr old golden retriever and had bloody diarrhea this morning and then just bright red blood stool. Last night he ate some well cooked pork and this is the 2nd time I gave him pork and the 1st time the morning after he also had diarrhea but he was also on Simplicef, Previcoxx, Ketaconazole for a infection on his paw and a soft tissue injury so I wasn't totally sure what caused it. He has not been on meds for over 2 weeks now and has been totally fine with eating, drinking and behavior until this morning. Post dinner last night, I also did notice he drank his water bowl dry late last night which is rare. Could the pork he ate cause this. Should I keep him off food for 12-24 hrs? when should I be concerned enough to go to vet? Any thoughts? thank you
HI there and welcome to justanswer!

it is unlikely that the meds have caused this problem since it has been too long. The pork if he is not used to this rich food may have caused some digestive disturbance but it would not cause this bleeding. It may have been that he had a polyp in his colon that has been irritated by the diarrhea and it has caused this fresh blood.

For now, fast him for 24 hrs as long as he is as active as normal and his gums are a ice pink color rather than pale. Also, give him Imodium AD 2 mg caplets,. 1 caplet per 30 pounds of his weight given every 8 hrs. until the diarrhea stops.

Of course, if the bleeding continues another time, have your vet examine him to be sure he has not started a bleeding problem such as an Autoimmune hemolytic Anemia.

Good luck!
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