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Doctor Jeff
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Dog has BAD gas... changed food... stopped giving Milk-Bones...

Customer Question

Dog has BAD gas... changed food... stopped giving Milk-Bones... He is on:
Phenobarbital 1&1/2gr Tablets
1-1/2 tablets twice per day
Potssium Bromide – 1000 MG Capsules
Any Ideas???
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Dog Veterinary
Expert:  Doctor Jeff replied 7 years ago.

You can give Gas-X to dogs. You may consider 1/2 of a tablet twice daily if you feel like it makes him uncomfortable. If it is the occasional room clearing fart, then any form of treatment is not necessary. If you are noticing loose stool or diarhea, then the food swtich may do the job and it may resolve once he adjusts to the food. It may also be worth having your vet double check a stool sample by a centrifugation technique to make sure there is no sign of parasites. I hope this helps and gives you direction.


Dr. Jeff

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Unfortunately it is not just one room clearing fart but many (4 to 5 an hour all night long). Do you think the medication has anything to do with this issue? We just recently added the Potassium Bromide to keep his seizures under control.

Expert:  Doctor Jeff replied 7 years ago.

Medication always has the possibility to throw the GI tract off. If you have noticed a correlation to when you added the K Bromide, you may be picking the lesser of two evils. Farts are better than seizures. It may also take some time for his body to adjust to the medication. Between this and the new food, he may return to normal in a few weeks. I would try the Gas-x in the meantime. I hope this helps.

Dr. Jeff

Customer: replied 7 years ago.


How long do you think it would take for his body to has been approx 45 days on both medications?

Expert:  Doctor Jeff replied 7 years ago.

Keep in mind, this was contingent on the gas starting with the meds. The food is more likely to cause a gas issue. I would have expected a adjustment by now if the Pot Brom was the issue. Since you are in the process of switching foods, it may be related to this. Foods can be a little trial and error when it comes to gas, skin, weight management etc. The Blue buffalo seems to be a good food for most but that does not mean it will be good for everyone. There are other organic foods that can do okay but give the BB some time. A food I have luck with is called Pinnacle.


There are certainly others as well (hills w/d, I/d, purina DCO, EN). In the end, there are some dogs that are just gassy. But since this seems to be more recent onset so you may be able to get this to resolve. I hope this helps.

Dr. Jeff