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My dog has thrown up a yellow mucous. It looks like bile,

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My dog has thrown up a yellow mucous. It looks like bile, but it's definitely got a mucous consistency too. Like they're mixed.

He just came back from being boarded for a few days. He is up to date on all his shots to include Bordatella and distemper. He's up to date on Heartgard. He was due another one today, but other than that has them once a month since he was a puppy.

He has no cough associated with the vomiting, or that I have observed at all. His stomach is not rigid or distended, and he tolerates pressure. He is tired and wont take food, but that seems pretty logical.

The onset was fairly acute. He came home yesterday happy and playful. He seemed a little tired, but had been playing all day and had a big walk. This morning he seemed pretty playful when I put him out in the morning (28 degrees F, he's a black lab), and when I checked on him in the afternoon. So, sometime between say, 2pm and 7pm this started.

Hope I've given you enough info to make a good diagnosis!

Hi, I am Dr. Peter and would like to help. Great history, but I need you to answer a few questions for me to give you the best advise.


1- How many times as he vomit?

2- Any diarrhea?

3- Did he eat something out of the ordinary?

4- Is he lethargic or continue to be the same?

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
1. 4 times, consecuatively, within a 10 minute span.
2. No, normal bowel movement right before the vomiting spell
3. Well, the dog eats everything so it's hard to say. The toys and the fence and such seem at about the same level of destruction, but, who knows? He's a puppy. I've never seen him consume a toy though, and as far as food goes in the past 24 he's had nothing but science diet and a small piece of a hot dog (normal treat, not unusual)
4 - he's a little more lethargic than normal. He's sleeping and seems pretty slowed down. We didn't walk him today. Usually that would mean he would be full of beans and bouncing off the walls.

It sounds like he may be having a simple gastritis (upset stomach), this is what you can do:


1- No food or water for next 12-16 hours.

2- Then, offer a small amount of water. If no vomit after half hour offer a little more and wait another half hour.

3- If no vomiting after water then offer a small amount of rice and chicken or cottage cheese. If no vomiting after an 1 hour, then offer small amount through out the day. Following day wean to regular diet.

4- OK to give Pepcid AC 0.25mg per pound every 8-12 hours for 2 days.

5- If the vomiting continues then you will need to have him examine by your vet, it may be something more then a simple gastritis.


I will be online for another 15 mins if you have additional questions.


Dr. Peter

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Well, yes I kinda figured that would be the answer. We are very protective of our little pup and are usually told "wait it out".

I've already taken away the food and water, after letting him drink a tiny amount. Can't leave him with puke taste.

The bile and mucous is what got me though. Not foamy, not food, bile wrapped in mucous.

Cool on the pepcid, I've tried pepto months ago when he was 4 months old for diahrea. He is now on to it, and refuses.

What should be my warning signs? How long should the lethargy persist before I should be concerned?

Do you think it was just stress of being boarded? He's been boarded before, but this was a new place. We liked it a lot better than the old place, but it's still a new environment.

The bile and mucus is just that the vomit was so forceful juices came from the small intestine.

If he continues vomiting or lethargic; develops diarrhea. These would warrant further investigation by your vet.

Its hard to say what did it; but, I would think probably the excitement of being home.

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Ahhh, ok. That makes sense. Thanks
Your Welcome