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Deb Jankura
Deb Jankura, Dog Veterinarian
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My dog just starting licking her hair off her rear legs. Has

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My dog just starting licking her hair off her rear legs. Has NEVER done this before. We put on a colar to keep her from licking herself raw. Last night she threw up dog hair chucks and what looks like very dark blood? Sh has not eaten since Tuesday other then a doggie bone. She is 15 but has been acting like a puppy for years. She seems to be acting fine, but still trying to scratch her itches. What should I look for. Of course it's a holiday and our vet is closed. Just dont want her to suffer. Thanks I hope to hear from you today if I'm lucky.
I would like you to do a test. comb her, especially over the top of her back legs and near the top of the tail with a fine toothed comb. Whatever debris is in the comb after combing, put on a white paper towel and sprinkle with water, let sit 10 minutes. Look at it and see if there are any brown or rust colored spots or short lines on the paper.

flea allergy can be caused but just 1 or 2 fleas. If they are /were on her they will have left behind tiny black specs which when wet will turn reddish. Even if you have never seen fleas or treat her for them, try this simple test.

Infections of the skin between the toes, allergic reactions, stress, and more can cause this. The vomiting black stuff could be due to ingesting a bunch of this flea dirt or may be a clue to bleeding in the stomach-sometimes also due to stress, sometimes a more serious problem. Did the vomit look like coffee grounds?

Hard to tell what to call this but maybe we can sort through it.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

I checked for flea dust, we keep her shaved, and got none on the comb nor do I see any dust. I was concerned about the dark bloody vomit. She had vomited several times and each time has brought up poop size chucks of hair. No coffee ground fluid. She seems tired and frustrated, but over all ok, is her body just trying to get rid of the hair?


she hasn't dug at herself for about 20 hours or so because we are keeping the hood on her at all times. as soon as it comes off she digs again. Like i stated, it maybe stress she is pretty emotional dog. has to be with people all the time. If I move from one room to the next she moves with me. She spent the week with family, new pack of dogs, new house, new caregivers. maybe it just all cought up with her by the end of the week. I just want to make sure I know to look for serious problems for the next few days. I'd know she's old, but I'd hate to lose her because I missed something.


Thanks for getting back to me on your Holiday. I know Doctors work 365 days a year, but it's still a pain in butt to work on Holidays. My husband is a Firefighter and at work today too. Nice to know people at there for us when we need them :)



sorry I was away from my computer. The vomit is a concern. If it was primarily black- that could be digested blood, there could be bleeding high in the GI tract- the stomach mostly. If it was mostly red blood, I would look in the mouth and throat. red blood has to come from a place where it can't be digested. Could he have eaten anything black at this other house? I also wonder if he could have picked up a skin disease from another dog? I hope you haven't had a bad day with your dog. You may try a lukewarm bath just to soak, it may give some relief. SOmething like Aveno or an oatmeal bath would be okay also. The color may prevent him from chewing but does not stop the itch.
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