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my female dog is having a discharge. It is a milky color.

Customer Question

my female dog is having a discharge. It is a milky color. She may be pregnant. She was bred on Sep 28th but has gained no weight so I did not think she was even pregnant. She just started this discharge a few hours ago and seems to be fine otherwise. If she were pregnant she would be due around the first of December.... thanks John
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Dog Veterinary
Expert:  Dr. Sawyer replied 7 years ago.

It is possible that she has a uterine infection called pyometra. The signs of such an infection include any of the following:

Discharge from the vagina

Increased drinking and urination



Loss of appetite.

These signs typically show up 2-8 weeks following the heat.

If she has the discharge but is fine otherwise, it is okay to book an appointment for tomorrow or the next day to see the vet, but if she has more than one of the above signs, you should visit your local emerg. clinic.

Pyometra can be a life-threatening condition, and it is best to have her checked out to be sure. If it turns out that she does not have this infection, your vet can do x-rays or ultrasound to confirm or rule out the pregancy, as puppies are visible on radiographs by this point.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
She did not just slowly start with the discharge it came on all of a sudden and it seems quite a lot for a dog of 7 pounds. It is milky white and she keeps trying to clean herself. She does seem to be agitated about the discharge. She has completely soaked a washrag while I held her and she slept for half an hour.. She ate well tonight and otherwise appears to be ok.... Could it be that if she was pregnant she has lost them? She has gained no weight or does not look like she is even pregnant. she has had a puppy a year and half ago...
Expert:  Dr. Sawyer replied 7 years ago.

It is possible that she lost the pregnancy, but this far along, you would likely be able to recognise fetuses in the abortus. This unfortunate event would also leave her vulnerable to infection, so you should have her checked out in case she needs antibiotics.

I am still most worried about the possibility of pyometra.

Dr. Sawyer and other Dog Veterinary Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Thank you so much I will get her to the vet in the morning.... John
Expert:  Dr. Sawyer replied 7 years ago.
You're welcome. Best of luck!