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Dr. Kris
Dr. Kris, Veterinarian
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Experience:  I am a small animal vet and I see mostly dogs and cats and an occasional exotic pet, pig and goat.
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My dog cant stop itching, Please Help!

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I am really freaked out. My dog can't stop itching, it looks like he had hives on his sides, they looked like lumps under the skin and they hurt and were itchy. Then they started to go away except the itch seemed to move around his body. Now he is itchy around the tail area, and red skin. He walks sideways sometimes because of the tail, and now he seems to have a lot of back twitching. He eats fine, but seems to be miserable. I give him benadyrl sometimes, it just makes him tired. I am wondering if it sounds serious or what I can do to stop the itching.Please help, Two of my dogs just died and Im worried about this dog now. I have no money to keep going back to the vet I have already spent about 2,000 and they died anyway. Any help would be appreciated by me and my furry friend I cant stand seeing him so miserable,thanks.

Hi Samantha


I'm Dr. Kris and I'd love to help but first I have some questions.


How long has this been going on?

Have there been any recent changes in food, treats, carpet cleaners etc?

How much benadryl did you give and for how long?

Is the itching worse at any particualr time of the day, after he comes in from outside, after eating?

Is he on flea prevention?

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Hi thanks for your help. This is been going on for about two weeks. As soon as you think its going away it seems to spread or move around his body. I have changed his food from Pedigree can food to Kibbles and Bits can food, but all 3 of my dogs seemed to act as if it was poison. I just started them back on Pedigree can food again. I took about a four day period to feed him real Eggs, chicken, brown rice and vegetables with olive oil. It did not seem to make a difference so I stopped.
I have only a throw rug, no change to it. No new treats. I gave him benedryl about 4 times now only, I was afraid to give him to much. I cut it in half and give about 15 ml. I think the itching is worse during the day. After he eats he always goes crazy itching his mouth, so for him thats normal. After a cool bath he goes crazy rolling around the house so I try not to give him to many. I have not seen 1 single flea, inside or out, I been checking very well. I have his flea prevention but afraid it may irritate his condition so have not put it on yet. I blocked the grass area so he can only go on cement, I am trying to rule out allergies. I dont let him outside very long.When this first came about he had lumps on his sides that were very itchy. It was after a flea bath I think.

It seems to me since he itches his mouth after he eats that he could have food allergies or he is allergic to the food bowl if it is plastic.


Have you ever tried feeding him a prescription hypoallergenic diet or one with lamb as the protein source? If it is a flea allergy, it only takes 1 flea to set him off and you may not see any but they may there.


You said this all started after you gave him a flea bath? Were any of the dogs that died having any of the same problems?

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Its just wierd that we havent made many changes and hes so severe. But I never realized the mouth rubbing after he ate was prossibly itching, so maybe it is the food:) Ive never tried lamb, is Pedigree can food good for him? I will look for the lamb and rice. The dogs that died, died from unknown causes. The first dog woke up in pain and coulnt move, and was in the hospital where they said she was bleeding inside and maybe had a rupured organ. The next was also fine and just fell over in pain and started pooping on himself in pain and started bleeding from his butt. Also unknown what happened. I have flea prevention for 61 pds and over can I give him a small amount? Also, what should I do to help him? Is the lumps Hives, and is that dangerous?
Ok. Here's what I'm going to recommend. Give him benadryl at a dose of 25-50 mg every 8 hours. Keep giving it for at least 5 days and see if it helps. Don't change the food yet since we want to know if it's the benadryl helping or not. If you don't notice any change within 3 days start him on the lamb and rice food and see if that helps. How much does he weigh? Have you ever used that flea prevention on him? Did he have a reaction to it?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Okay thats sounds good. I think he weighs about 11 pds maybe. I think he goes crazy for a while running around after the flea meds like it bothers him but thats about it, he seems to be allergic to everything, like if you spray anything he starts sneezing.
Its called Seargeants flea control, never tried this brand before so hope its safe.
It sounds like your boy is suffering from allergies. Give him a 12.5 mg benadryl 3 times a day and speak to your vet at some time about getting him on some allergy meds. Change his food bowl to stainless steel if it is plastic and try the new food if there is no response to the benadryl in 3 days. You will have to keep him on the new food for at least 2 months to see if it helps. You can also look into getting a prescription food from your vet. Do not use the new flea prevention for a while. If you see that the benadryl is helping you can apply about 1/6 th of the tube of flea prevention since the dose you have is for over 60lbs. If he reacts badly to that bathe him in a mild dog shampoo to get it off his skin. Best of luck and I hope this helps.
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Thank You it should help:)