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My dog has coughed up some slightly bloody mucous. We have

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My dog has coughed up some slightly bloody mucous. We have only had her one month and her shots are up to date. She is 5 months old.
Hello. Thanks for writing in. How much blood was in the mucus? How is her appetite and activity level? Is she still coughing? Any vomiting or diarrhea?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
It was about 1/4 of the half-dollar size spot that she spit up. Her energy level and appetite seem fine. I haven't noticed her vomiting but haven't seen a stool in a couple of days. The last one I saw wasn't diarrhea. She has coughed some but it seemed at the time to just be coughing up some food, now I'm not sure. Otherwise, she seems fine.
If you press on her throat, does she cough? Does her breathing seem labored or raspy?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I just went and pressed on her throat and she didn't cough. She isn't breathing hard or raspy either. My husband reminded me that she has lost a couple of baby teeth lately, could that be it?
Thanks for the information. The baby teeth can explain a little bit of blood in her spit up, but it doesn't explain the coughing. Expectoration of blood or bloody mucus from the respiratory tract is called hemoptysis. Reasons for hemoptysis can include bronchopneumonia, heartworm disease, cancer, trauma, respiratory foreign body, heart failure, pulmonary hypertension (high blood pressure in the lungs), lung lobe torsion, low platelets or coagulation factors and rat/mouse poison ingestion. Some of these issues, such as heartworms, cancer, heart failure and hypertension can probably be ruled out due to her age. Pneumonia, trauma, foreign body and rat poison would be the most likely causes. This is assuming the blood is coming from the respiratory tract and not the mouth. It is possibe that she has a mild kennel cough or other respiratory infection and has blood from teething in her spit up. My thoughts on this are that if the coughing has stopped, he is not breathing abnormally, her activity level is normal and there is no bruising on her abdomen or gums; I would just watch her tonight and have her evaluated tomorrow. Check her gums for any blood as well. If you see blood here, that is most likely where it is coming from. If she continues to cough uncontrollably, has more blood or large amounts of blood in the expectorant (especially if no blood on the gums), gets weak or lethargic, has blood diarrhea or has bruising on her abdomen or gums; I would have her seen tonight. Please let me know if you have any other questions. Hope this helps.
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