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My dogs stitches came apart on a fresh wound from surgery,

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My dogs' stitches came apart on a fresh wound from surgery, he is leaking light blood/water fluid from the wound. Only a few stitches came apart, like 4 or 5- 1/4 inch apart each, What can I do in the mean time to tend to it so that it does not get infected till I can see the vet. The vet wont be available for another two days. No 24 hour vet support around. He has antibiotics. Do I clean the opening with water and keep it dry or is there another method to ensure he is fine till then.

Are the skin edges pretty fresh? Do they look good, or mangled and frayed?

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
They look fresh still. Pink almost.

     What you can do is use a few drops of super glue to help keep the edges together. IN surgery we use skin glue but it is very similar to super glue.   I would first clean the area with hydrogen peroxide, then dry it off as best as possible. Then put a few drops of glue where the stitches were and push the skin edges together. It's really important to put an E collar on your dog so he can't lick it.... this doesn't provide much strength, so too much movement, infection, or licking can easily make it come apart again. But in some cases, it works well.   Continue the antibiotics and get your dog to your vet as soon as you can.

The liquid that it dripping is serous fluid... called a seroma. It's good for it to leak out... I'd even keep one part of the incision open ( not glued) to allow it to leak freely. This will help it all to heal faster.

   I hope that this helps!

Dr C
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