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My chihuahua has had swollen lymph nodes on her lower stomach

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My chihuahua has had swollen lymph nodes on her lower stomach region for about 6 weeks. I took her to our vet, who referred her to a specialist.

The vet specialist asperated a lymph node, and said that there was nothing unusual, but to watch her to see if her lymph nodes changed in size or hardness, or if other lymph nodes started to swell. She was due to go into her heat cycle, so we were to wait until that was over.

She just finshed her heat cycle, and her stomach lymph nodes have changed slightly. They seem to be going down, and are less hard. The nodes are softer, and they do move around when you touch them. The dog does not seem to be hurting at all when we touch them. Her appitite and energy levels are good.

I have noticed in the last few days, that her neck lymph nodes are starting to swell. They are about the size of a large grain of rice. My family has had colds, could she have gotten a cold from us, or should I take I take her to the specialist for more tests?
Hi. I'm Dr. Lee and will do my best to help.

Dogs do not get the "colds" from us. With the lymph node, large grain of rice is very very small for a lymph node, there is no need to worry about. You should start to worry if the lymph node gets to a walnut size. I would suggest to have your regular veterinarian check it out to get a professional assessment of the size of the lymph node.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Thanks.
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