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my mini-schnauzer has a strong unpleasant smell. someone suggested

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my mini-schnauzer has a strong unpleasant smell. someone suggested that it is caused by her inactivity.... she doesn't move much. Can this be? a glandular thing from lack of activity?

Can you tell me what the smell is like? Old beer? Dead fish?

Can you tell me what part of her body it is coming from? Her hind end? All over?

This can help me answer the question.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
It's a strong, gamey smell ... from all over her body... not one area in particular.

There is always the possibility that this is a skunk smell, if it came on suddenly. If it has been there awhile, then that is not it. If it did come on suddenly, you just need to bathe with the skunk-off shampoos to neutralize the odor.

Sometimes what you are smelling is the anal glands. These are glands right inside the rectum that emit a truly foul smell like old dead fish and poop. One drop can last for hours. These can be expressed, but can recur.

You may be dealing with something like yeasty seborrhea, which is a skin condition where they start to have skin lesions and smell. This just requires frequent bathing with a special medicated shampoo to get rid of the smell, and heal the skin.

Sometimes it is an infectious cause like bacterial or fungal. Same thing--the best way to get rid of this is frequent bathing, but with a different shampoo meant to flush the follicles.

Other than that, sometimes the teeth are rotting, and sometimes they do have a smell coming from their sebaceous glands. This also is best controlled with frequent bathing, letting the shampoo sit on the dog for 10 minutes and rinsing and drying well. You usually do this twice weekly for at least three weeks.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Can you give me the names of the shampoos you suggested for the seborreah, fungus, or bacteria afflictions? i'll try them one by one, till the problem is solved!
We live in NYC... no possibility of a skunk attack!


for seborrhea, or malasezzia, look for malaseb. You can get this at your vet, or look for an equivalent at a pet store. You are looking for something that is effective against malasezzia or seborrhea. Malasezzia is the fungal, or yeast, infection.

For bacterial, look for any shampoo with chlorhexidine. Your vet will have one, or any one at the pet store that has this in it.

For flushing the follicles, you want pyoben at the vet, or something with benzoyl peroxide at the pet store.

Hope this gets you started.

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