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My dogs stomach/intestines were making so much noise, it woke

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My dog's stomach/intestines were making so much noise, it woke me up this morning! It was not gurgling, but had a long pitch sound almost like a parrot chirping (sorry, it is hard to describe). I do give her a little people food, but not much. She loves fruits and veggies. She is not sick, but I am worried about her. Someone once told me if a dog's intentines make a funny sound, it means she may have problems with her gall bladder or liver. Can you help? Thanks.
Hi there.

This noise you are hearing is due to a mild digestive disturbance. It does not have anything to do with your gals liver. When the intestinal tract has some over growth of bacteria, this bacteria forms gas inside the tract and it wil make these high pitched sounds. It would be good to get her moving so the gas can begin to resolve. It does not cause any harm unless it is allowed to continue to hang in the tract without movement.

I know you are worried about her but, if this is the gas production, it will resolve as soon as she is able to move around so it can escape.

Have a Great Day!!
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thank you! I appreciate your answer so much. Does it hurt her to have fruits (sometimes I give her 1 blueberry or 1 frozen cherry when I'm eating them.) She also likes carrots and broccoli. And once in a while (when I feel guilty) I give her a chocolate chip or 2 (but that's all). She has a small bit of peanut butter on a rawhide chew usually daily. Are these things okay to give her? I don't feed her from the table. Thanks.
HI again.

Yes, these are ok to give her in very small amounts. Especially be careful of the chocolate chips. The fruits may be producing some of this gas so be careful with these.

You are doing great just be careful...
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thanks, XXXXX XXXXX will be careful. She is such a precious friend to me! Have a great rest of your weekend!
You are very welcome!!

I will have a great weekend and I hope you and your precious friend do also!!