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Dr. Karen
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My 3 year old bull mastiff has been peeing on herself while

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My 3 year old bull mastiff has been peeing on herself while lying down and/ or sleeping 3 times in the last 2 days. She has never done this before. I am wondering what could be going on. It has been extreamly humid and hot here for about a week could this have something to do woth it. Please help. It has been once on the bed and twice in her crate.

Thank You, Sara
Hi Sara- Does your mastiff seem to be drinking more water than usual? IS she on any medications? Is she spayed?
Dr. Karen
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
She is not on meds and she is not drinking aany more. She is spayed
Hi- good answers! There are a couple possibilities that could be causing the urine leakage. The most likely cause is that she is losing some tone in the sphincter muscle of the bladder/urethra, which causes some leakage (incontinence). This is common in middle aged spayed dogs- especially the larger breeds. This can usually easily be treated with oral medications, but only after your vet checks the urine to make sure nothing is wrong with her kidneys or that there is not a bladder infection going on. Other things that could cause her to leak urine would be disorders that cause her to make more urine than normal, like kidney failure or diabetes. Your dog is little young for this, but it is still possible. luckily all of these things can be diagnosed easily by your vet, with a urine sample and sometimes a little bit of bloodwork. If she is becoming incontinent, there is a medication called Proin from your vet that works very well.
Hope this helps- write back if you have more questions,
Dr. Karen
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Is there a reason why it would come so suddenly? She goes out all the time and it still seems to have happened alot in just 2 days.
Hi again- If she is becoming incontinent, it could be starting to create a bladder infection. That's why I wanted to know if she was extra thirsty, because it was happening all of a sudden. When you go to the vet, try to catch some urine in a pan or bowl to take with you so they can get any answer quickly.
Dr. Karen
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