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My dog has horrible fall allergies. They have started. She

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My dog has horrible fall allergies. They have started. She is biting at her feet/legs, sneezing and her snout around the whisker area is getting puffy. I have been giving her Solid Gold Seameal (high in all the Omegas) for a couple weeks now but she is still constantly itching. Wiping down her legs with baby wipes helps briefly. She has K9 Advantix on so I know it's not fleas. Her allergies usually kick up about the same time mine do. She goes to the vet next week. However, in the meantime....

My vet said I could give her children's anti-histamine syrup. She got sick on Benedryl but did pretty well on Children's Loratadine Syrup (I think that's generic for claritin?) I have a bottle that is 5 mg/5mL but I don't remember how much I gave her. She weighs about 40 pounds.
Hello there,

The dose for the loratadine is 9 mg for a 40 pound dog. You should give 2 ml or 2 cc if you have a syringe.
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