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Category: Dog Veterinary
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My dog started sleeping with his tongue poking out

Resolved Question:

My dog has recently started sleeping with his tongue poking out through the front of his mouth and also does it while resting is this a medical problem or something behavioral?

Already Tried:
He is slightly overweight. His tongue doesn't loll out of the side of his mouth like after exercise he just seems to poke it out through the front of his mouth just a centimeter or so.

Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Dog Veterinary
Expert:  macarter1981 replied 8 years ago.
As long as there's no bleeding or injury to the tongue, it sounds like your dog and his tongue are behaving typically. Many dogs sleep or rest with the tip of their tongues "peeking" out, or let it all hang entirely. They do this to regulate body temperature, particularly when it's hot. A dog's tongue is full of blood vessels. By sticking some or all of the tongue out (panting or not), contact with the air aids in evaporation of saliva on it, which cools down the tongue and releases heat from the blood supply carried in the vessels. This, in turn, helps cool down a dog's body. It's their version of sweating.

Just as often, however, they may do it for no discernible reason, as when sleeping or, perhaps, dreaming.

As long as your pup is otherwise drinking, eating, eliminating, and behaving as he usually does, it isn't likely a cause for concern.
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