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Dr. Lee
Dr. Lee, Dog Veterinarian
Category: Dog Veterinary
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Experience:  8 years of experience in veterinary medicine and surgery
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Our dog cannot keep any food or water down and is wasting away. Our

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Our dog cannot keep any food or water down and is wasting away.
Our vet cannot identify what the problem is.
We have paid for xray, scan and two blood tests.
Our dog has been on Antibiotics, anti inflamatory, anti acid injections.
The vet has also given steroid to improve appetite and antepsin emulsion.
£600 later she is no better and still cannot keep food down.Please can you help us
Hi. I'm Dr. Lee and will do my best to help.

Can you tell me a few things?

1. How old is your dog, male or female and what breed?
2. How long has this problem been going on for?
3. How often does vomiting occur? Any specific time of the day? Does it coincide with eating or drinking?
4. Any diarrhea?
5. Any lethargy? How is the energy level?
6. Still has an appetite? And want to drink?
7. Did the xray and labwork showed anything abnormal? Was pancreatitis test run? What blood tests were run specifically?
8. Any previous medical conditions?
9. What are the names of all the medications we are currently on?

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Thank you for your reply.

Answers to question 1Our dog is a minature female Dacshund and is fourteen years old.

Answer to question 2 Five weeks

Answer to question 3 Vomiting following eating or drinking

Answer to question 4 No Diarrhea

Answer to question 5 Very little energy, which is not suprising due to the time without food on a regular basis

Answer to question 6 No appetite and does not want to drink regularly although given sterroids for appetite

Answer to question 7 pancreas was inflamed and anti inflamatory injections were given but that was the only abnormality

Answer to question 8 only slight murmour on heart which the vet does not think has any thing to do with the present complaint and heart is strong

Answer to question 9

Antepsin emullsion for the stomach, and injections that have been given include antibiotics, anti inflamatory and anti acid ( we do not know the technical names for these but this was the terms used by the vet.


It sounds like to me the next step would be a complete abdominal ultrasound to look for some type of tumor either in the stomach or upper intestine. Also if there was some kind of mass in the pancreasis it could be causing these symptoms. If your vet can't do an ultrasound I would ask him/her to refer you to someone in your area who can. This will hopefully keep you from having to do an exploratory surgery to find out what is wrong.
<p>Hi. Thanks for the updated info.</p><p> </p><p>With an older patient, neoplasia/cancer is always on the list of differential. Other possibilities include megaesophagus, gastritis, sphincter scarring etc. With such frequent vomiting, the most likely problem location is in the stomach or esophagus. I would suggest to do a couple things, first and foremost is endoscope, that will allow us to look at the stomach for masses, scar, and even foreign objects. If that is not possible, other modalities include barium series, which can also "light" up the esophgus and stomach and look for megaesophagus. Sometimes a plain film can see megaesophagus, but barium is much easier to determine that with certainly.</p><p> </p><p>Hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any questions of concerns. Thanks.</p><p> </p>
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Thank you,

There is no endoscopy available locally,

I looked at another site recently and it said that natural yoghurt was good for dogs with stomach complaints, since giving her youghurt she has not been sick in the last two days and I am shriging her water and she is not sick after this either where she was before.

Due to the change following this, does this provide you with a better idea what it can be as the yoghurt has deffinately helped stop the sickness ?

Thank you,


Hi. Thanks for the info.

I'm glad that things are working out right now. Giving yogurt to dogs is to basically a probiotic, which means we are taking advantage of the "good" bacteria from yogurt to help with the GI tract. Usually yogurt is good for diarrhea/intestinal bacterial overgrowth. To help with a stomach upset problem is a really new phenomenon to me. One possibility is that if the GI tract movement has slowed down causing ileus, perhaps the yogurt can speed things along so things are moving again. Though, based on the history and the fact that she vomits food and water every time she eats or drinks, it really sounds like the stomach is the problem. But if it works, maybe that's the solution. I would also suggest to give some plain Pepcid 10mg tablet, give 1/4 tablet every 8-12 hours to help reduce stomach acid.

Hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Thanks.

Dr. Lee, Dog Veterinarian
Category: Dog Veterinary
Satisfied Customers: 5355
Experience: 8 years of experience in veterinary medicine and surgery
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