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Dr. Joey
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my dog is itching and chewing at his rear end and under his

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my dog is itching and chewing at his rear end and under his belly, he is treated regular for fleas and ticks, however when I combed through his belly betweeen his rear legs I found like a brown type larvae shell, he as red patches and small red spots. Can you help please.
This still sounds like flea allergy dermatitis until we prove it is something else, especially since it sounds like you found a remnant piece of a flea. What type of flea medication did you use to "treat" them? You really need to use something highly effective such as combining Advantage with a Capstar tablet. You should phone your vet for further recommendations to treat fleas. AS a note, we've been seeing some resistance amongst fleas to Frontline.
Many dogs will clear the fleas but have developed a secondary bacterial skin infection (the little red spots) that causes profound itching. These dogs often need a combination of anti-itch medication, antibiotics and appropriate shampoo therapy to clear.
Here are two websites of info you can check out:

Hope this was helpful.
-Dr. Zoe
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.


Thanks for the info

Yes we use frontline we treat our 5 dogs every 4 weeks and use a combination flea / tick. We use a flea shampoo to and flea spray their beds and bedding every 4 weeks, spray supplied by the vet.

Just one of our dogs is suffering from scratching and chewing.

I have ordered some fleaDerm to help soothe and will review the frontline product as you have mentioned advantage with a capstar tablet.


Thanks for the advice hopefully this will do the trick as he is our eldest dog and dont want him to be distressed anymore than what he is.

I'm not sure what FleaDerm is. If you need a soothing shampoo, you can use an oatmeal based dog shampoo or EpiSoothe by Virbac or Relief Shampoo & Spray. I don't recommend flea shampoos because they tend to be very drying for the skin. The use of an appropriate topical medication such as Advantage (or Frontline) shoul work to clear the fleas. Remember to separate its application by 24-48 hours from any bath or swim. As a note, some dogs that swim frequently in the ocean will wash off the topical flea product.
Monitor the rash and if it worsened, phone your vet to get some antibiotics.
Good luck.