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Dr. Karen
Dr. Karen, Veterinarian
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My dog is pooping blood. What could be wrong?

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What could be wrong if my dog is pooping up blood?

If there is fresh blood in the feces, it could be one of several things. The most common and most likely problem is colitis ( Inflammation in the colon). Colitis is caused by certain parasites, stress, food change or dietary indiscretion (ate something he shouldn't have). If he is NOT vomiting and acting normally otherwise, you can try to give him Imodium over the counter.
More serious causes of blood in the feces would be a colon tumor, or a problem clotting blood.
You should have your vet check a stool sample to try to determine the cause.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Her stool about I'd say several days ago.. was mahogany color like... like mixed in. Then her stool was fine for a few days after that. Then last night it seemed like it was a mix of mucous like (jelly like) stool with red in it.. almost looked like she was pooping up strawberry jam.. not all of her poop looked that way. She went fine the first time.. waited a couple of minutes then went again that time is when it came out that way. Was very odd in my opinion. I would imagine it would be all the crap she finds to eat. Anything in sight basically. Shes a beagle and still untrained yesterday made three weeks since I adopted her

Yes, definitely sounds like colitis. Have you had her dewormed? Is she on heartworm prevention? How much does she weigh? I can help you with an Imodium dose if I know how much she weighs.
Dr. Karen
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I just gave her, her first dose of heartguard the other day. From the invoices and records they gave me at the humane society it seems as though she has been on it before. I think she also had a heartworm test done there too when the previous owners first brought her in. She weighs.. 22.4 lbs.. I am really glad you can help me because my vet is out of town this weekend and is not on call. Another thing is she was spayed a little over 3 weeks ago that could not have anything thing to do with it huh? she seemed to heal pretty well.

I am glad she is on heartgard, it will take care of most parasites for you. Is she on any medication from the spay? Like pain meds? If so, it could also cause the colitis so you should stop it. As for the Imodium, get the tablets and give her 1 tablets every 8 to 12 hours. If the colitis is not improving within 24 hours, take her to the vet if you can.
I am so proud of you for getting her from the shelter!!!!!
Dr. Karen

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thank you. I actually have two dogs in which I adopted both from two different shelters. Laughing Both my husband and I are at good places with our career to take care of two dogs but not to have kids yet lol. Again thank you for your advice again usually I would call my vet but hes out of town and I do not know very many other places to call that would give me advice without wanting to see her. As for the pain meds.. I gave her rimadyl which was supposed to be one qd for 10 days.. but I probably only did it for 5 days.. unlike her clavamox.. i would imagine rimadyl is only prn no? She has no other symptoms.. her and my other dog romeo seems to play all day everyday theres no change.. okay changing the subject for just a second I have always been super cautious in applying frontline plus but as of yesterday I changed both my dogs to k9 advantix. I am soo afraid with them two playing with eachother somehow they would ingest it. I shouldnt have went online but I read some horror stories about advantix and now I am paranoid. Only reason why I changed is because Romeo got bit by a fly on his ear and it got infected and I had to take him in for that. Everything that advantix takes care of, is a big issue here is kansas. Ticks, fleas, mosquitoes, and flies.

Yes the rimadyl is prn so don't give any if she doesn't need it. I am glad she seems to be acting fine. As for the advantix, we use it all the time and haven't had any real problems. You just shouldn't use it if you have cats around the dogs.
My husband and I have 5 shelter dogs and no kids yet so I know what you mean!
Have a good weekend,
Dr Karen

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