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Is sorbitol in a dogs toothpaste harmful to the dog The

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Is sorbitol in a dog's toothpaste harmful to the dog? The dog has heart problems sick sinus syndrome and Addison's.
Hello Lydia,
Thanks for the question.
Just so I'm clear.....this is a dog tooth paste?
What brand?
Or is this a human tooth paste you are using on your dog?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
It's dog's toothpaste.
OK Thanks.
Sorbitol is not harmful or toxic to dogs. It would have no impact on sick sinus syndrome or Addison's Disease.

Xylitol...which is used in many chewing gums is EXTREMELY toxic to dogs. Even one stick of gum in a 100# XXXXX could cause low blood sugar and liver damage.

Hope that helps.

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Dr. GF
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