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My dog has started to sleep in the bathroom (a room in which

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My dog has started to sleep in the bathroom (a room in which he never went before). Now I will find him curled up in there when usually he would be in the same room as me. Anything I should be worried about. He is eating just fine and seems ok except for that.
<p>Hi there. How old is your dog? Is it very hot where you live?</p><p> </p><p>Thanks!!</p>
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
My dog is 5 and no it is not hot, we have an air conditioned house. He is very shy with strangers, mostly men, I have had him since he was a pup. He is a very sweet dog, not other problems. Just seems like he is moving away from me, or maybe he is just becoming more independent?

Hi again. Thanks for the info. This behavior is either that he likes the coolness of the tile floor in the bathroom. Many dogs like that even if it is not too hot. If you do not have tile in the bathroom, scratch that theory. The only other thing I can see is that he has been traumatized in some way causing this behavior change. I say this because from what you say about him being timid, this tells me he is very sensitive. Something around your bed or in the room may have made a loud noise or has frightened him in some way. It does not appear to me to be a medical condition, just some type of emotional injury.


If this is the case, you will have to make attempts to reestablish his security in your room by coaxing him in with treats, paying a lot of attention to him, playing with his toys in that room and constant talking to him in a smooth, calm voice.


Does that make sense?


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