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Dr. Andy
Dr. Andy, Medical Director
Category: Dog Veterinary
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Experience:  UC Davis graduate, emphasis in dermatology, internal medicine, pain management
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My dog has a dark purple spot on his back that just devleoped.

Resolved Question:

My dog has a dark purple spot on his back that just devleoped. It looks like if I squeeze one end of it blood will come out. What is it?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Dog Veterinary
Expert:  Dr. Andy replied 8 years ago.
This may be a hematoma (a bloot clot) or a seroma (a ruptured blood vessel with secondary inflammatory changes that looks like a cyst full of blood liquid-like fluid).
It still could be a cyst.
Now, if it has ruptured, the chances for it getting infected are substantially higher, and it could even form an abscess.

Therefore, regardless of which of the above it could be, definitely, worth a veterinary checkup.

Your vet may recommend a fine-needle aspirate test depending on what it looks like and if it is necessary to more accurately diagnose it.

A fine-needle aspirate test is performed usually without anesthesia and is very quick. Your veterinarian takes a few needle samples from the lump (the needle is no larger than the needle used to give vaccines). The sample is smeared on to microscope slides and submitted to the laboratory. It is not always as definitive as a biopsy (this is a full tissue sample), but often it can yield enough information to determine if it is anything to be worried.

Hope that helps
Good Luck
I wish the best for both you and your pet. Please let me know if I can be of any further assistance.
I truly appreciate positive feedback if my advice has been helpful or informative.
Dr. Andy
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thank you very much. Apparently earlier my son had popped the cyst without telling me. I showed him your e-mail and we ahve deciced to take Rusty to the vet like you suggested. Thank you very much.
Expert:  Dr. Andy replied 8 years ago.
Your welcome. Good Luck
Dr. Andy