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my dogs just ate my horses bran mash that had 2grams of bute.

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my dogs just ate my horses' bran mash that had 2grams of bute. I am not sure how much my dog ingested.



You should induce your dog to vomit and that will reduce the amount of drug absorbed. If the dog did not get the full two grams, it should be alright. The side effects and toxicity of this medication in dogs possible include renal damage, liver damage, seizures, hyperventilation. The safe does in a standard 35 kg dog would be around 1 gram per day. Keep a close eye on the dog and if you think the dog may have gotten more than 1 gram, I recommend that you take the dog to your nearest veterinarian for assessment.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thank you very much for your prompt and thorough answer. I realized after I sent the question that I failed to advise on the weight of the dog.

If 30mins has lapsed is it too late to induce vomitting?
30 minutes would be enough time for most of the ingesta to be absorbed but I would try and get whatever you can back out of the dog. You won't be getting very much of the bute back though (maybe 10-20% of what was eaten)
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